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Many people suffer from the spread of insects in their homes during the summer season, causing them discomfort due to their bite or disease. The biggest problem is the proliferation of insects when they can not get rid of them quickly, making it harder to eliminate them. Insecticides are one of the easiest ways to eliminate them. However, it can cause some problems in the eyes or the repellent because of its odor, so some effective household items can be used instead.

 The easiest ways to eliminate the insects in the house

 The Law The mosquito is one of the most annoying insects in the summer. It is found in the places of agriculture, water, and animal breeding places. It causes strong stings, continuous itching, skin scraping and blood flow accordingly. It can be disposed of by placing mint or dipped leaves in a spray bottle and then used at home; mint leaves the mosquito and air freshener at the same time. Because flies have a short memory that makes them go back to the same place where they were quickly expelled, flies also use windows and doors to open during the summer to enter and land on food, drink and people. It can be disposed of in the following ways: Cut a lemon to two halves, and pinning the nails of cloves, and put them in the place of flies, which drives them to leave because of his hatred of this smell.

The use of aromatic plants in the kitchen, such as basil and mint. The method of the trap is to add a little vinegar vinegar in a glass of water and place the mixture in the presence of the flies to approach it and fall inside. It is recommended to renew the trap every two days. Bugs are a brown-colored insect that is absorbed by blood absorption. Bugs are found on the beds or in the ventilated areas. They activate during the night and disappear during the day, causing itching and inflammation as a result of bites, and can be eliminated in the following ways: Enter the sun all over it, keep it clean, and wash the covers with boiling water. The use of insecticide according to the supervision of the specialist; to determine the quantity that can be used. Cockroaches Cockroaches are fast-growing insects, often found in wood, and can be disposed of in the following ways: Place water and ordinary soap in a spray bottle, then spray the cockroaches. Put some substances in places where they are spread, such as cucumber, lemon, garlic and clove oil. Using the trap method, the water is placed in the jars and the coffee powder is added to it, to approach it and fall inside. Naphthalene balls are posted in bathrooms and laundries; they are a bad smell for cockroaches. Mix a tablespoon of sodium bicarbonate with a teaspoon of sugar, put it in short-edged containers, and place it in its whereabouts.
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