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move Camisola Andre Gomes Mundial 2018

On Sunday the Los Angeles Lakers fired coach Byron Scott. This wasn't a terribly surprising move Camisola Andre Gomes Mundial 2018 , given that Scott presided over this season's 17-65 Kobe Bryant Farewell Tour and -posted a 38-126 overall -record. Rumor has it that Scott might be replaced by former New York Knicks head coach Derek Fisher, who was fired by team president Phil Jackson in February after going 40-96 in just under two seasons. Jackson's former employer Camisola William Carvalho Mundial 2018 , the Chicago Bulls, fired coach Tom Thibodeau last spring despite a .610 regular season winning percentage and five playoff -appearances in five seasons. As the saying goes Camisola Ruben Neves Mundial 2018 , -coaches are hired to be fired. The -problem is, when the executive who hands out pink slips says Camisola Anthony Lopes Mundial 2018 , "This coach isn't up to the job," fans are more than justified in responding Camisola Bernardo Silva Mundial 2018 , "Then why did you hire him in the first place?" Each team's front office has done some dopey things. The Lakers signed Bryant to a $48.5 million contract extension in 2013 to ensure that he would spend his entire career with the same team. Turns out an aging Bryant plus a dearth of free agent talent equaled the two worst seasons in franchise history. Jackson's ego is perhaps the biggest one in New York besides owner James Dolan's. Therefore, the former is intent on hiring a coach like interim Kurt Rambis who Camisola Joao Mario Mundial 2018 , like Fisher, will run Jackson's Zen-friendly triangle offense. In Chicago Camisola Andre Silva Mundial 2018 , General -Manager Gar Forman and Vice President John Paxson -assembled a roster that wouldn't compete and a coach (Fred Hoiberg) who couldn't command a locker room. For every Bulls fan who wants to see Hoiberg fired for missing the playoffs this season, there are five who think Paxson and Forman have got to go first. "The buck stops here" is an expression that promotes personal accountability. And for all the bucks NBA front office executives are paid Camisola Joao Moutinho Mundial 2018 , somebody ought to hold the staffs in Los Angeles, New York and Chicago responsible for their teams' failures.   MEXICO CITY, Jan. 11 (Xinhua) -- U.S. president-elect Donald Trump on Wednesday sparked anger, uncertainty and skepticism among Latin Americans, following his first press conference since winning the election. Trump infuriated Mexicans once again by repeating his pledge to build a wall along the border and have Mexico foot the bill. "We're going to start building" as soon as possible, and "Mexico in some form, and there are many different forms, will reimburse us," said Trump. Mexico's most outspoken Trump critic, former president Vicente Fox, wasted no time in responding. "Neither today, nor tomorrow nor never Mexico will pay for that stupid wall," Fox posted to Twitter. "If Trump wants a monument to his ego, let him pay for it!!," added Fox. He also warned "it's clear that we're facing a new era of dictatorship with Donald Trump," but he added there was no need to fear Trump. Mexican historian and intellectual Enrique Krauze echoed Fox's sentiments with a tweet, saying that there was "no way" Mexico will pay for the wall. Like many other observers around the globe, including in the United States, Krauze noted Trump's "aggressive" manner when speaking to reporters. "Trump's level of aggression and disregard for civil debate and the press is terrifying. And he's not even in power yet," said Krauze. Mexico's representative to the Washington-based Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Alfonso de Alba, said a wall would not necessarily be effective, and neighbors should take a more humanitarian and comprehensive approach to immigration. "In the end, they (migrants) do not contribute solely to their country of origin, but also to the country they end up in," said De Alba, who was attending an event at Mexico's Foreign Affairs Ministry. Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto also rejected Trump's demand, saying that Mexico will not pay for the wall but will seek open and complete negotiations with Trump't government. In Cuba, people who watched the live broadcast remained perplexed about the future of bilateral ties with the United States. "What seems obvious is that Cuba is not an immediate priority for Trump. Given the unknown decisions he will take concerning our country, the process of normalization of ties will either advance or regress, which is concerning," said Tania Orozco, a state worker. She also noted Trump's famed intransigence and sympathized with Mexico. "What ... caught my attention was his inflexibility and authoritarianism in building a wall along the Mexican border. He said that country has taken advantage of the U.S., when we all know it is the exact opposite," said Orozco. Also on Wednesday, Trump's nominee for Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, appeared in front of the Senate for his confirmation hearings. Referring to Cuba, Tillerson said he would recommend Trump veto any legislation proposed by Obama to make the rapprochement between the two sides inevitable. The former head of oil giant, ExxonMobil, revealed that Trump would likely revise relations with Havana through an executive order, shortly after assuming office. Furthermore, Tillerson said that a proposal to lift the ban on Americans travelling to Cuba, proposed by Obama, would not be rapidly approved. Finally, the potential Secretary of State said he would advise Trump to halt any attempts to lift the trade embargo on Cuba and to carefully examine why Cuba was removed from the list of state sponsors of terrorism in 2015. Further south in Argentina, political observers also felt Trump's defiant off-the-cuff remarks to the media generated doubt and uncertainty around the globe. "The world has been expecting a change of course in the world's leading economy," said economist Maria Cecilia Peralta, "but following this press conference, doubts about prompt changes and structural decisions are generating e. 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Re: move Camisola Andre Gomes Mundial 2018

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