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锘? I always enjoyed gardening Terrance West Rush Jersey , for many reasons, even though by profession is in manufacturing industry. First off, it certainly offers a stress relieving experience, usually gets quick results, and offers a rewarding sense of satisfaction, regardless of your occupation.

I thought I would offer a 5 step guideline for gardening success. These are simple to follow, and helpful, saving time, energy, money, and a long learning curve. Its funny , but from an industrial background, no matter what is being made, many of the same general principles are applied for gardening success.

Basically it is a step by step process of principles, used over and over leading to success. Once you are at this level, it all comes natural, relaxing and of course rewarding.

Now,these following steps are from pure experience, and I may refer to some very extreme, unusual , but real case examples, since my wife grows some very unique and challenging items.

Since we live in the tropics, simply endless challenges to be honest. So bare with me if I make reference to these unusual things .

Step 1. The first thing before moving forward on what to plant, is to look into the area, climate, weather and seasons. Here in the tropics we have 3 seasons, not 4 like in the states; I like to refer to them as hot, hotter, and rainy. Plan on making a stop at your local nursery. The nursery will be able to make good knowledgeable suggestions on what works best.

I might add, at this point, you have already given some thought to what you desire to plant, vegetables, fruit, flowers, etc., so at least a category is narrowed down.

Step 2. Now, from the nursery, they have probably made some suggestions , to grow from seed; for example my wife grows Cheyenne Peppers from seeds; or by a graft , say Roses, or Grapes. She also grows seedless Grapes from a graft, and that is extremely difficult in the tropics . I will touch on this topic in my next article that does in fact take two green thumbs, and requires 7 steps. I enjoy the nurseries here, because they receive very good feedback from the locals, simply what works, what does not work, problems encountered, and of course you are speaking with experts.

Step 3. I wanted to make some suggestions should you decide on starting with seeds. I want to emphasize how important this decision is, since this can result in a waste of time, attempting to plant many types of seeds, and failing. Now, the nursery people should help a lot, but this is a very important decision. If you decide on seeds, first, I have many seed companies around here, that export, so I have experienced how different the same plant may be from each seed type, as they may be altered, hybrids Eric Weddle Rush Jersey , etc.

Here is a simple fact to remember; On the seed package, backside, they list some statistics. What this states is really a probability of seeds germinating from this package. Now Cantaloupes here have 10 seeds per package and state 8 have a chance of growing. I have seen other melon types stating 6. So, simply speaking this will help you with step 2 decision.

Step 4. Soil preparation is most critical . It always seems simple, but can lead to disappointment. Here is a great secret I want to share. What is the PH level of the area you would like to plant. Again a lot depends on what you plant, sensitivity, etc. Now here is a great tool, and once you read these 5 simple steps, you may consider this one before step one, and here is why. Go to the nursery, ask for a PH meter, they are plastic round as a golf ball sized meter, with about a 6 inch metal rod coming out, and pointed at the end.

Now these tools are not expensive anymore. Take your meter home look at the zone to be planted, wipe off the tip carefully as this is very sensitive, follow the instructions, push into the soil and take some readings

Make a map, write down the numbers. Actually, now you are the expert, imagine telling the nursery what the PH levels are in the plant zone area. This will give you an advantage, as they can help adjust to the PH to plant requirement, or save you money, since you already have the correct PH, so hows that, you are now an expert in 5 simple steps. All this says is high or low acidity in the soil. Plants have their own preference.

Step 5. Now, certainly this is the final step, but really requires attention to detail, time and patience as you will wait through the growing cycle to get the best results, and truly earn that green thumb award. Step 5 will require the correct planting method, how deep the seeds, how much water, food, care and maintenance details are involved. Again, the nursery can get you through these details to make you successful. Some of you , or most probably have experience with green houses. And how fast you can get results. In the tropics, its not called farming, its a science. In my life, I have never seen things grow so fast, even within a green house. The fastest plant to record is a type of Bamboo, growing at 18 inches in one day. Well, we do not see that speed, but my point is, my wife has to watch everyday. Pepper plants can grow, 3 inches tall in one day, grape trees from planting at day one, are overhead, with grapes hanging in 10 months, imagine all the problems that may occur with such a rapid growth rate. Again, attention to detail, will in fact get the results you deserve, and that green thumb.

Enjoy, your garden, plants, flowers, whatever you desire to grow, and learn from each experience, which is truly rewarding.Author's Resource BoxReed Langdon now lives in the tropics and publishes real life experiences. Gardens are a relaxing, rewarding experience for all. For more information visit his site.

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