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Tue Jun 21 4:09 pm  #1

Its started...

Heres some pointless pics from garden creatures. The Green fly thing is about 5mm.

Edit:- Those two moths are the same person...it flew from the shed to the wall and looks different.




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Tue Jun 21 4:25 pm  #2

Re: Its started...

Ah using the macro ? How close can you get ?

Tue Jun 21 4:43 pm  #3

Re: Its started...

Macro would have been a far better pic. Don't really need to use it, but the Macro on these cameras is 1cm

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Fri Jan 10 3:01 am  #4

Re: Its started...

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Fri Jan 10 5:29 am  #5

Re: Its started...

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Sat Jan 11 11:19 am  #6

Re: Its started...

Oh. Just a tiny little twist in my heart as I look at these sweet<a href=\"http://bsegfrycni.com\"> pothos</a>. Needing a little break in a very, very bad way right now. I hope you are enjoying your hiatus, Michelle. So much grace to you, yes.

Sat Jan 11 5:42 pm  #7

Re: Its started...

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Mon Jan 13 4:12 pm  #8

Re: Its started...

That's a smart way of loiknog at the world.

Mon Jan 13 5:49 pm  #9

Re: Its started...

YOU CAN NEVER ADD LENSES TO THIS CAMERA.it has mentioned 3 fetarues of the lens available with the camera.when u zoom in it is referred as telephoto or zoom lens which is max 12x.  may be  38 12 = 456 mmwhen u zoom out it is 1x may be 38mm widemacro feature which will help u take close photgraphs.ANY METHOD U CAN NEVER GO       BEYOND  12X  OR 456MM.IF U WANT TO ZOOM FURTHER BUY A CAMEAR WHICH HAVE MORE THAN 12X ZOOM .   MAY BE 40Xdigipro

Wed Jan 15 2:55 am  #10

Re: Its started...

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Wed Jan 15 3:11 am  #11

Re: Its started...

Usually you can just get closer to the stage and your 12x will take care of your need to get <a href="http://lgoragjsqy.com">clsoueps</a>, but if you want to use the add-ons then  just go to Canon's website and see what they have   then just go to your Canon authorized dealer and try out the lens you think you needdigipro

Thu Jan 16 5:40 pm  #12

Mon Jan 20 4:30 am  #13

Tue Jan 21 4:52 pm  #14

Re: Its started...

Wed Jan 29 12:59 pm  #15

Re: Its started...

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Sun Feb 2 6:56 am  #16

Re: Its started...

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Sun Feb 2 7:03 am  #17

Re: Its started...

Hi Shance. Thank you for the compliment. On top of the info in the link (Thanks AiM) i have set the spsrhneas in the camera to maximum. The images are quite sharp however i still apply a touch more in PP (Post Production). I am using Picasa, which is a free programme and i highly recommend it for basic editing. As far as settings go i always shoot in manual and always use flash. 98% of the time i shoot hand held and I generally set shutter speed to the highest speed possible (1/250s in my case). This also helps with spsrhneas. Aperature for all of the above shots was set at f/10 (f/10 is a very good starting point) with ISO of 400 for most of them and 500 for the rest. Those settings are a good starting point and to begin with you can set the ISO higher or lower as needed. Beware of going too high though as noise wil start to become an issue (noise reduction software can help in this case). From memory the highest ISO i have used is 1000 but that was in really low light with aperature set at f/22. Focusing is also really important. Try to focus on the eyes of your subject. With Macro that can be quite difficult as the subject is quite small and the tiniest of movements will make the picture out of focus. As the old saying goes  practise makes perfect . Some people use a monopod and i know of others that use a broom stick for extra support. For me exhaling slowly or holding my breath for a split second before i take the shot helps as this minimises body movement. Lastly, and for this particular lens, i am using auto focus. As soon as the lens focuses on the subjects eyes (the focus point goes red and beeps) i fire off a shot instantly. I find this method works best for me. Then its a matter of looking at the shot taken and making any necessary adjustments. Apologies for the long reply but i hope this helps. http://frioobxozk.com brvfpb [link=http://ibllufh.com]ibllufh[/link]

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