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Thu May 19 2:30 pm  #1

Iwelumo (HDM)

Saw on a sandwich board outside a newsagents that we're in for a Burnley striker. HDM reckoned we want Chris Iwelumo.

Hot property at this level. I'd love to see it, providing he's fit. Raped us at Turf Moor and just the type we need...a 'bigmun'.

Remember him playing as a youngster for Stoke many years ago, with his dreadlocks. I thought he looked like a spaz...now look how good he's turned out to be.

Thu May 19 3:17 pm  #2

Re: Iwelumo (HDM)

I see it as a good move - big targetman to partner Fryatt. He's certainly put a few past us as you say.  I certainly wouldn't object to Howard either, with his former partnership with Fryatt. I'll leave it to Nigel, I'm sure he will do his best for us - from the rumours he knows where we need strengthening and looks to be looking at the right type of player for the money we have.

Wed Jan 8 6:35 am  #3

Re: Iwelumo (HDM)

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Thu Jan 9 5:48 am  #4

Re: Iwelumo (HDM)

It sounds like a leolvy evening. Sorry to have missed it. I'm out sick this week and my head can't handle anything more complex than 1950's films. I watched High Society yesterday.

Thu Jan 9 9:57 am  #5

Re: Iwelumo (HDM)

Now I know who the brainy one is, I'll keep <a href="http://ovpwud.com">lokiong</a> for your posts.

Fri Jan 10 8:29 am  #6

Re: Iwelumo (HDM)

Great post, as always, Nuala. Thanks for the<a href="http://pwqrpwrwpq.com"> pooths</a> and I'm sorry to have missed such a great event. Love, love that pic of you and Juno holding hands as you read, so sweet. You should keep that one for her.

Sat Jan 25 2:07 pm  #7

Re: Iwelumo (HDM)

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Tue Jan 28 3:05 am  #8

Re: Iwelumo (HDM)

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Tue Feb 25 2:22 am  #16

Re: Iwelumo (HDM)

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