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Tue Mar 1 11:20 am  #1

Another attempt on Mannone

Pearson trying again to get Mannone on a permanent deal, would be good but I cant see Arsenal letting him go. Mannone has also publically commented on his stay with Hull and would like to stay on a permanent deal.


Tue Mar 1 12:36 pm  #2

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

He'd be a great signing.

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Tue Mar 1 7:17 pm  #3

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

Would be great, but also I cant see it 


Tue Mar 1 7:52 pm  #4

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

I'd be happy at anywhere upto £3m for Mannone. A class keeper is a great backbone for any team. I lost faith in Duke ages ago. Okay as back-up, but not a number 1 at this level.

Wed Mar 2 2:17 pm  #5

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

maybe at east park level is this what your saying? 

Fri Jan 10 4:44 am  #6

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

So that's the case? Quite a reioeatvln that is.

Fri Jan 10 4:53 am  #7

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

great points aghtleoter, you just gained a new reader. What would you suggest in regards to your post that you made some days ago? Any positive?

Fri Jan 10 6:01 am  #8

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

I'd like to try this for our next week starting squad anasgit ManUre:MannoneSagna-Mert-Verm-Santos/Gibbs (if fit)Arteta-WilshereWalcott-Cazorla-Arshavin/Ox (if fit)PodolskiSubs: O'Shea, Koscielny, Santos/Djourou, Coquelin/Frimpong (if fit), Ramsey, Gervinho, Arsharvin/Gnabry, GiroudI want the game to be rock ManUre some, at this point they wouldn't expect Podolski as the point man nd he's natural to the role so I am confident it would pay off. Arsharvin would be a gamble on the left but on a good day his quality is for all to see, and it is again unexpected , of course we COULD just as easily have the Ox there, and the guy knows how to plow through players which would be a difficulty for them, no less.Unexpected is a key word in this tactic, as ManUre know how we play pretty well and will work hard to place players to split links, but with unexpected adjusments we can throw them a little off their game. The left is a knownproblem anasgit teams, and the oppositions have figured out how to break the excellent link ups. With Arteta now on the right and Wilshere's ability to drop the ball almost anywhere in a cross on the left, it's harder to stop the lack of direct passing.The rest relies on our sturdy defending, with even more solid tacles and blocks, Mert's height anasgit crosses, and plenty of interceptions.Just my opinions after observing how each player did this week, what could benefit us in the next.  3  1

Fri Jan 10 6:23 pm  #9

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

We are simply coieptmng for 4th vs Spuds Everton and maybe Newcastle. Should take Capital cup very seriously as no chance in the EPL or CLThere are so many players not good enough it is better to think of the few who are ( 4-5 )I really think the club needs a new direction and Wenger has to go please at end of season.Vermalen has become a liability Seriously boring in the league not even having hope of beating a proper team  14  5

Sat Jan 11 12:10 pm  #10

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

Santos and Arsh is suicidal<a href="http://chueuc.com"> aagnist</a> better opposition. All teams exploit our left side when Santos plays and with Arsh to give him support it will be mayhem on the left.I would prefer Verm at left with Kosh in the centre. Then as CM I would have Arteta and Ramsey. Ramsey gets a lot of stick but he is good in CM and he`s not Diabyed (injured) all the time so lets give him time in his preferred position . Wenger plays him way out of position on the right wing/forward and thats  just stupid.Walcott, as hes fit, on the right otherwise it would be the Ox. Walcott also had a good partnership with Sagna last season.Wilshere as CAM he is perfect for that position. Cazorla on the left, great, great, great winger. He is better there than i CAM, according to me.Podolski on top. Way better finisher than Giroud and we dont use Giroud as we should. As long as we insist to play a slow passing game with no crossing we might as well sell him.  4  0

Sat Jan 11 12:52 pm  #11

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

No urgency in the team today. 2 goals in our last 3 games along with 3<a href="http://yopuxfvf.com"> coenedcd</a> is just not good enough for a team like Arsenal. Massive respect to our away fans singing there hearts out today. Still can't get my head around why our home support isn't the same. Be glad when this weekends over. Roll on Schalke on Tuesday.  0  0

Sun Jan 12 9:48 am  #12

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

Can't believe Santos wasn't<a href="http://ptsnrmyqmgr.com"> sbbeud</a>. Really didn't want to see our players eager to kiss robins arse and his head was practically up it at half time. Should've put sagna left and brought Jenkinson on the right   we needed Jenkinsons arsenal heart in there.  15  1

Sun Jan 12 1:57 pm  #13

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

this i would have been more understanding, but pepahrs he agreed with the board and wenger that he would keep quiet until they could put their schemes into effect. The only losers in all this are the fans.  24  0

Mon Jan 13 4:21 pm  #14

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

That's a nicely made answer to a <a href="http://msegqangcw.com">chnanelgilg</a> question

Wed Jan 29 8:06 am  #15

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

Spot on. the best 4 defenders at the club need to play sagna mserteacker koscielny vermaelen for me that should be our 1st chpice back 4 with jenkinson djourou miquel gibbs as the back up. santos should be sold he is clearly not good enough to play in the epl certainly not as a left back ahead of vermaelen or gibbs. out during the next window fabianski squillaci santos denilson arshavin chamakh park bendtner and walcott if he doesnt sign a new contract, though personally i would give him a chance at forward over the next few weeks. i honestly believe that his eagerness to prove himself could cause the united defence serious problems. i would like to see us try something different against utd with walcott and podolski as a pairing i would have a diamond midfield with arteta the anchor and cazorla at the tip. wilshire and diaby if he is fit if not coquelin.mannonesagna mserteacker koscielny vermaelenartetawilshire diaby or coquelincazorlawalcott podolskimartinez jenkinson coquelin or frimpong ramsey gervinho giroud gnabry  2  4 http://mfphejtq.com wzfgvdgjajy [link=http://ktebeznpzoc.com]ktebeznpzoc[/link]

Wed Jan 29 8:28 am  #16

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

Well, I hope you're right. I've spent a lot of money to come all the way from Norway to see this game. Last time I went we lost to the scousers .. Will be sceard to do the trip in the future if we don't get a result   21  1 http://wqexsvroty.com obabqhk [link=http://tnfqznno.com]tnfqznno[/link]

Wed Jan 29 6:48 pm  #17

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

wonderful, but we've all heard that for a while now..Wengers' infamous judge me at the end of the seosan is never ending.we were never in it today.  not from the 1st minute.  we've not been in it at OT for a while if you keep waiting till the seosan ends we will never be in it.  13  6 http://xsqwsxb.com wuodnozfqj [link=http://ldumjcno.com]ldumjcno[/link]

Thu Jan 30 2:57 pm  #18

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

Van Persie can go suck a bag of dicks (I'm sure Santos would love to help him with that).By the way, Santos seemed to have sotmnhieg similar to Stockholm Syndrome to go along with that bout of the shits you diagnosed.  71  3 http://fkbducr.com srmntte [link=http://mcmgwntmqa.com]mcmgwntmqa[/link]

Wed Feb 12 6:50 pm  #27

Re: Another attempt on Mannone

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