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  MADRID, May 3 (Xinhua) -- Real Madrid coach, Zinedine Zidane on Tuesday said it would be a "failure" if his side failed to overcome Manchester City in the return leg of their Champions League semi-final on Wednesday night. Madrid are the favorites to qualify after a 0-0 draw in Manchester last week and know a win in front of a packed Santiago Bernabeu Stadium would give them a shot at an 11th Champions League title. "We are in good form and we want to qualify. It is a difficult game, but it would be a failure if we failed to go through," said the coach, who warned that his side would be without injured duo, Karim Benzema and Casimiro. "We have a big enough squad for someone else to play," he said. Zidane confirmed that Cristiano Ronaldo was available and would play after missing out the first leg and last Saturday' s game away to Real Sociedad with a hamstring problem. "There is no risk, he has trained at 100 percent," confirmed the coach. A goal from Manchester City would leave Madrid needing to score twice in order to qualify, but he insisted on the need for patience. "We can' t score two or three goals in 15 minutes, that doesn' t exist in football. We will have to work hard and suffer from the first minute to the 90th minute," he warned, saying the plan was to "pressure high up the field and to play with intensity. Manchester City also want to qualify," explained Zidane. The Frenchman highlighted the quality of Manchester City duo, Kun Aguero and Kevin de Bruyne, but insisted that what his side did on the night was more important to him. Finance > Insurance > Home InsuranceHoliday Home Insurance  One Of The Decisions Associated With Buying A Holiday HomePosted by nick_niesen in Finance on October 29th nike air max 180 online , 2010 Buying a holiday home has never been easier. Today, you can hop on the Internet and find the home of your dreams without even leaving the comfort of your living room. Even better still, you can then use a search and compare website on the Internet to find you the best possible deal for a second home mortgage. There is nothing to it with very little time and effort to put in unless you wish to. However, you need to make a few decisions that are associated with buying a holiday home before you can put in an offer and get a mortgage and one of those is holiday home insurance. Holiday home insurance is different to both traditional home insurance and buy-to-let insurance nike air max 270 online , so dont make the mistake and think that you can cut costs and corners by getting the wrong type. A specialist broker will be able to help you find the right type of holiday home insurance. Other considerations when buying a holiday home include the following: Where is the first place that comes to mind when you think of buying a holiday home? Although gut instincts are not always correct in terms of buying a house, there must be reasons behind considering buying a holiday home in a certain area. When you have the reasons why you would want to live in a certain are then you can begin to build upon that. You should consider both popular locations and other locations that resemble them because individuals buy homes in certain areas for a reason. Crime rate, natural environmental hazards, proximity to the beach nike air max 90 online , proximity to shops and climate are all factors that should be considered when buying a holiday home, but the list is not limited to them. For an idea of where Britons choose to look into when buying a holiday home, the facts and figures are worthy of consideration. Approximately 30% of all holiday homes are in the UK, 16% are in Spain and 7% in France nike air max 95 online , with the remaining 47% being spread between countries like the USA, Italy, Australia, Ireland nike air max 98 online , Greece and other similar countries. After deciding upon the country, your choice of area will largely depend on what kind of place you would wish to live in  beach, town, city or quiet village? You final decision when buying a holiday home should depend on what kind of home you would like to live in. Whether your choice is a bungalow nike air max 2018 online , condo, apartment or cottage, you can find the perfect house for you and then get on with the easy part of buying a holiday home. Then all you need is the right holiday home insurance.     TURPAN, April 14, 2016 (Xinhua) -- Actresses from Dalangkan Township of Shanshan County perform during a Muqam contest in Toksun County of Turpan City, northwest China's Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, April 14, 2016. Some 300 folk artists of the city participated in the contest on Thursday. Muqam is a Uygur traditional art combining songs, dances, folk and classical music. In 2005, it was approved by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization as a masterpiece of the oral and intangible cultural heritage of humanity. (XinhuaZhao Ge) At some point, all individuals will understand that they have to borrow money. There’s a possibility that they need a new automobile nike air max 1 online , they own medical bills to pay off, or they merely want a loan to procure a household item that they actually need. If this has occurred to you, you are probably searching for a method of getting easy personal loans. Without a doubt, in the current economic slump nike air max 97 online , many consumers have credit ratings which might be lower than perfect. Luckily, you will be able to receive a personal loan, there also are quite a few methods out there you might try, even in the face of bad credit. Many individuals don’t even understand that they may be working with bad credit until they try to get a loan nike air vapormax online , simply to be denied because of the credit score. Though your credit rating has gone down, it doesn’t make you need the loan any less. By making use of easy personal loans, you could attain the money you require in any situation your credit history happens to appear like.<. Jimmy Garoppolo Jersey Authentic Jason Witten Jersey Authentic Jared Cook Jersey Jalen Ramsey Womens Jersey Ezekiel Elliott Youth Jersey Drew Brees Youth Jersey David Johnson Youth Jersey Dallas Goedert Kids Jersey Bradley Chubb Broncos Jersey Amari Cooper Cowboys Jersey

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