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Thu Dec 6 5:50 am  #1

​The meaning of the number of drills in the mechanical watch

The number of drills is the number of jewels in the Watches ODM, and the number of drills is one of the indicators for measuring the quality of the watch. The so-called drill, also known as ruby (synthetic gemstone), is generally used in wearable bearings and pallets. The distribution of watch movement diamonds: two-wheel, three-wheel, second-wheel, escape wheel; ordinary watches require 17 drills to 19 drills, automatic business watches men require 25 drills to 30 drills, not the higher the number of drills, the better, non-working parts The table drill has little effect on the performance and quality of the watch, but only plays a decorative role. 2 X 4=8 drill balance wheel upper and lower shock absorbers each two drills;
2 X 2=4 drill collars, forks with two drills; 2 X 2=4 drill discs with one drill; 1 drill This is the standard basic movement of 17 drills. Under the above standard configuration, if you add two drills to the box wheel, it is 19 drills; the automatic system adds four or six drills, Designer Watches for Women is 21 drills and 23 drills; the automatic calendar system plus 2 drills is 25 drills.
All of the above are functional drills, and their functions are nothing more than wear resistance, lower friction coefficient, and oil storage.

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