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Anything Goes » Important care after nasal surgery » Fri Dec 8 2:19 pm

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In fact, it is very important that those who want nasal and nasal surgery should observe and carefully take care of them before and after. At the time after surgery, the path and the process of repairing and healing wounds and healing their tissues should be followed. In the right direction.عمل بینی So if you want a good result of your nose surgery and nasal surgery, carefully take care of the postnatal care that is advised by your doctor. It is also recommended that the following care be taken: After nasal surgery and nose surgery, carefully perform a nasal surgeries.عمل بینی
Nasal plaster, or nasal splint, will be placed on your nose for nasal care after nasal surgery. The spleen will be placed at the end of the nasal action, removed from the nose within 4 to 7 days of the nose surgery by the surgeon. During this period, you must be careful not to hit it without touching it and do not leave it anywhere. It is best to go to the bathroom before bedding the patient to the bathroom for removal of the splint, and his head and face Wash the loose glue and the process of removing nasal plaster easily.


    Usually, if cut or stitched in the skin of the nose, it is removed from the nose within 4 to 7 days.
     Avoid heavy tasks and activities after nose surgery for up to one month
    During the first week after the operation, the important care after the operation is started and you should observe it, during sneezing, you should do it with your mouth and avoid large movements of the face while laughing and crying. Avoid severe movements of the face muscles such as chickenpox. As long as the physician does not allow you to nose your nose, lifting will detach the nasal stitches. If necessary, gently rub the nose with sterile gas. You can also replace the nasal gas in front of your nose as long as you do not stop secretion
    After nasal surgery, you do not need to

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i agree with you brother with signer,good point

Anything Goes » Nose surgery clinic » Fri Dec 8 2:13 pm

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 Among all the beautiful acts, nasal surgery with nasal surgery, which is called rhinoplasty, has a lot of fans and very special features and has its own unique features, which means to remove the nose bumps at the tip or behind it, or shrink.
Its holes or changes in the angle between the nose and the lips. Ultimately, the goal of the nose is that, in addition to solving breathing problems, it looks beautiful on the basis of the standards of a beautiful day for your nose.

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