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100% Hull City Forum » Its back! City vs Brighton » Wed Aug 15 5:27 am

First game and you teef my prediction, ya bastard, right I'll go 2-1 city then, brace by Fryatt, on set up by Nick.

Anything Goes » ***Alan Partridge Thread*** » Sun Jul 8 7:29 am

Partrige film out next year riding

Anything Goes » We can stop thinking about getting any deals from Rangers » Tue Apr 24 5:39 am

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The SFA have slapped a 12 month transfer embargo on them.
Like the administrator said how are they ment to rebuild, they can't shift any high earners, seems abit stupid to me.

Anything Goes » Fabrice Muamba » Sun Mar 18 9:18 pm

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There is talk of possible brain damage by his doctors, but I think they are probably going with the worst case scenario as the speed he received cpr would mean oxygen would have kept to his brain while he was defibed

Anything Goes » Fabrice Muamba » Sun Mar 18 10:03 am

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Apparently he's stable now, but did make me think that with all these doctors and sports scientists at the top clubs, you would have thought these underlying heart problems would be detected .

Anything Goes » No Teeth? » Tue Mar 13 1:45 pm

BillyBobBallbag wrote:

When to dentist this morning, one tooth out and two new ones in, dont I look a bonny bugger 


Anything Goes » Stuart Parnaby on trial at city? » Fri Mar 9 12:45 pm

Mail today said fowler rumour is bollocks

Anything Goes » Stuart Parnaby on trial at city? » Thu Mar 8 8:12 pm

Cover for Rosie ? According to my research ( wiki ) he's had a career disrupted by injury though

Anything Goes » Pearce to be england manager petition thread » Wed Feb 29 7:23 pm

Come on sign it, you know it makes sense.

1) he's got the passion for England
2) he's got years of international experience
3) he's already employed by the FA
4) many of the players in his team have played under him already, thus he has the players respect
5) he isn't scared to try new players/tactics
6) isn't lots of younger players coming up together like the German model ?

All welcome to show your support Google viewers, and our royals friends

Anything Goes » England Captain » Wed Feb 29 2:53 pm

Mauled for manager

Anything Goes » England Captain » Tue Feb 28 6:13 pm

Yes its Hobbs, how have you not noticed all season ?
England captain I'd go for hart or err don't know, Milner was mentioned in paper today but I didn't get chance to read much about it as I was so Fucking busy

Anything Goes » Modern classics » Sat Feb 25 7:47 pm

Just got golden axe on xbox arcade, Fucking waste of 400 ms points grr

Anything Goes » Naughty, but very nice (understatement)! » Sat Feb 25 6:54 pm

Fuck, Allam's missus is a right dog by comparison

100% Hull City Forum » City v Brighton - Score Predictor Thread. » Mon Feb 20 3:50 pm

4-1 city, we might not score all of them though

Anything Goes » NHS - Money Wasters. » Tue Feb 14 2:15 pm

Ward 8 ? That's the minor surgery unit isn't it ? And you built it up so much too 

Anything Goes » NHS - Money Wasters. » Tue Feb 14 2:13 pm

Yeah HRI, shame, bed baths are my speciality   

Anything Goes » NHS - Money Wasters. » Tue Feb 14 11:48 am

You off your tits on morphine ?

Anything Goes » NHS - Money Wasters. » Tue Feb 14 11:48 am

Which ward ? Your at chh hospital though aren't you

100% Hull City Forum » Brum v City............ prediction? » Tue Feb 14 11:45 am

2-0 tigers, 20 to one at the min, might stick a couple of quid on it

Anything Goes » Terraces back at the KC? » Mon Feb 13 1:18 am

Non stop noise for most of the second half down my end

Anything Goes » Terraces back at the KC? » Sun Feb 12 4:48 pm

Makes no odds to me, I haven't sat down for the last three seasons.
While on the subject I though the atmosphere was electric yesterday

Anything Goes » The next England manager and captain? » Thu Feb 9 11:50 am

Joe Hart good call 77, also think Pearce is ready he's been at u21's for years

Anything Goes » Car Key Fob Won't Work. » Thu Feb 2 1:47 pm

My 2i, dam right, if it rusts weld it, if something breaks buy a new bit off ebay. It will last for years if I look after it, ive joined the East Yorkshire thourghbred car club so will get advice and support on keeping classics on the road 

Anything Goes » Car Key Fob Won't Work. » Thu Feb 2 11:47 am

And my cars still a twat to park, yay 

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